Confederate Clans of the Northern Wilderness

There are Six clans which united to fight the Imperium during the Great Northern Crusades:

The Black Claw Tribe – a motley nomadic society comprised of Bearmen and Kankoran with a few coyle and Wolven who live in the less populated areas of the wilderness, including the Northern Hinterlands.

The Windfeather Clan – a naturalistic community comprised of Wolven and Kankoran with a small fluxuating number of Bearmen. Have a deep respect for the forests of the North. The smallest clan of the six.

The Fire-Iron Clan – A small kingdom of orcs, trolls, and goblins that had fled Imperium persecution to the north after the short lived Human-Orc Wars. The Fire-Iron Clan is the third largest clan. It is a military dictatorship bent on revenge against the Imperium.

The Assemblage of Giants- A loose organization of giants who helped the Northern Tribes fearing a human controlled Northern wilderness. This is the smallest of the Clans but the tremendous abilities of the Giants and their allies was a substantial boost to the Northern Forces.

The Jagtooth Clan – a powerful warrior horde comprised mostly of Wolven, Bearmen and Coyles, who excell at guerrilla warfare and stealthy attacks. They are renowned for their combat awareness. The Jagtooth Clan is the second largest clan. Significantly smaller than the Wolven Empire, it is only slightly larger than the other clans.

The Wolven Empire- Larger and more powerful than the other five clans combined, The Wolven Empire is a strong society comprised of all beast species with a vastly wolven majority. Citizens of the Wolven Empire are also the most educated and wealthiest of the Northern Clans, bearing all of the markers of the humanoid civilizations before them: literacy, infrastructure, bureaucracy, taxes. The Wolven Empire has borne the brunt of the price for their decades of vigilance against the Imperium neighbors to the south.

Confederate Clans of the Northern Wilderness

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