Ages’ End takes place in a Palladium Fantasy alternate time line.

It has been one year since the end of the Great Northern Crusades, a centuries long conflict between the Eastern Imperium and the Confederate Clans of the Northern Wilderness. You were all present at the decisive Battle of Highwater, where the armies of the Eastern Imperium surprisingly halted and destroyed the main advancing Confederate forces. Few Northernern soldiers survived the massacre and only the strongest ones were allowed to live to be enslaved and brought back to the cities of the Imperium as entertainment for the Eastern elite.

You all now live in Rysa, a former jewel of the Elven Kingdom and now the capital city of the Imperium. It is a sprawling city with a massive population comprised mostly of humans. There is a small remaining population of elves found in the various slums and ghettos that dot the outskirts of the city, yet a few noble families still maintain some power from before the Easterner assimilation of the city. There is a constant presence of several gnomish trading companies in the city, though they tend to keep to their own. Dwarves are a rare site outside of their underground fortresses, and have become increasingly reclusive over the years. There exists a growing and mutual distrust between dwarves and surface dwellers, especially elves. Beast races are confined to the slave pits beneath the Grand Arena, where only the greatest gladiators are permitted to do battle though some of the beast captives from the Northern crusades preform as personal pets adorning wealthy estates.

Rolling Up:

Magic, Psionics, Clergy


Men at arms

Beast Races


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