The main religious institution of the Imperium is the Ministry. Though there are many who still worship the old gods, they do so in the utmost secrecy. The Ministry is a monotheistic institution based on the idea of Unity and the Strength of Humanity, and preaches against magic, psionics, beast races, and the supernatural. Mages of Mind and Magic are still allowed to practice their craft through the influence of their respected guilds. Many mages have high positions within the Imperium government. With the Crusades ending, the Ministry’s eyes have turned to the mages, and there is a growing tension on both sides.

If Psionic or Magic, You are a member of a prestigious Mages Guild and served as a battlemage during the Crusades.

If Clergy, you can either choose to follow St. Gregory, a Good Human God of Unity, or choose to follow one of the old gods (See Gods and Dragons). The old gods presence within Imperium has diminished over the years and all spells and prayers will be at half power. Open worship of the old gods is not permitted within the Imperium’s borders.



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