Duke Mavon
“I will need to see all of your first thing tomorrow”

Night after party- Emma wakes up to lighter
“Well you’ve certainly got my attention”
“That coin around your neck, only 500,000 were ever made, I know this because I was there when they were made, and because I own all 500,000 of them. I double checked, and I still have 500,000 of them, so whatever you are, you have my attention. It was fun for a while but now I think it is about time that we either (shit or get off the pot) in elven.”

“The others I almost believe, but come on, you, now far be it from me to tell others how to run their affairs, but this (motions at you) isn’t exactly being subtle.”

“Alright, we’ll keep the masquerade going you and I. I say, you’ve made me feel damn foolish about the whole thing. my sincerest apologies for being a spoil sport. I guess this is the sort of thing one is to expect I suppose, once you’ve reached a certain level. Then here is a toast to you and I, until I next time, my lady, and as token of my good will, a gift. it’s not much of course, as I’m sure it would actually help you if you weren’t lying. (bows graciously) Adieu, Adieu, I’ll be seeing you.”

(1 additional level 1 spell slot per day or 1 reroll per encounter."

(Potential: Johann- ‘Tears’ “We are all lapdogs now, but at least I have decency not to lie with the men who killed our bitch of a mother.” Kidnaps Freddy. "You take something of his. He takes something of yours. Tavrillo wants his book back)

Duke Mavon instructs to attend meeting
palace buzzing with activity/security

Have you ever encountered before
What do you know about it’s capabilities
Do you have any additional insight into this situation you would wish to offer
Follow me

Duke Mavon invites into office – high level military meeting (magic projector set up)
“I’d like for a moment to discuss with all of you the events of last night. Before we begin, I’d ask that should any member of the heroes of rysa feel they have pertinent information to offer to the briefing, they are free to do so. Okay, let’s begin. Around the 0 hour last night an entity of unknown origin infiltrated the palace as part of the evenings entertainment and presented a very apparent danger to his royal majesty within his own house.(Clip of the party starts playing ) This is Codename: Alpha aka The First aka The Jester in Yellow. He presented the emperor with a death tarot card, which we are interpreting as a threat. (Clip of your battle) By now you are all familiar with Codename: Cameo aka Cassandrix aka Alexandra Windgates (Photo of a young woman) aka The Third. Alpha has on more than on occasion expressed to have familial bonds with Cameo.

Cameo and Alpha were both first encountered at least five years at an unknown blacksite Codename:LUMA in the GNW by the Heroes of Rysa, available information suggests a total of three possible sites. (Blueprint and photos of blacksite ruins appear) Cameo then captured the Heroes of Rysa, and coerced them upon threat of death through magic to explore another unknown blacksite codenamed:Jailhouse. There they managed to escape their capture and arrived at Blacksite Highwater.

Cameo arrived in Rysa, a few weeks prior assuming the identity of Alexandra Windgates, a 26 year old graduate student at the Arcane University. Alexandra Windgates, the daughter of a county courier, disappeared three months and was assumed dead after the grisly murder of her whole family at their country estate. (Crime scene photos) She then, as you all know, was, through methods of magic, managed to possess around 40 women over an unknown period of time. She targeted only females, though testimony in the Whitmarsh Hall incident indicates that Cameo was fully capable of targeting men and we believe merely chose not to. (photos of Archibald’s corpse Gloria’s room) (silent interview footage of many women flash by, Eliza, one of Simon’s orcs among them) All victims are ages 12-26 of consisting of 34 humans, 2 elves, and 4 orcs. (images of examples ofcarvings and black tattoos, several full body images appear with the faces blacked out) An additional 45 women within Rysa have been identified with similar symbols. 7 other women similarly marked women died in instances outside of the final confrontation with Cameo. (Map of the world pops up with areas pinpointed.) An additional We haven’t managed to correctly identify and place all of them yet, but they appear originate from primarily from within Rysa and varying fishing villages and towns in the direction of the great northern wilderness and the orcs have been identified by our anthropological team to be from several distinct clans within the GNW.

(Johann hacking through women) Two weeks ago, the Heroes of Rysa managed to weaken the entity long enough for the Dwarf known as Kotec and I to bind the entity. All attempts to permanently destroy, Cameo have failed. Study into the exact extent and nature of her magic remain a complete mystery, though we continue to endeavor to understand it. The origin of these symbols is likewise unknown, though they bear similarities to languages taken from Blacksite Luma and from Kotec’s clerical texts. (Images of Zarazik’s etchings and Pages in symbols and dwarven appear) Further clarification from Kotec has been impossible to maintain as he remains unconscious from the the trauma of both losing his arm and preforming the binding ritual itself.

Since then, we have made some progress into understanding Kotec’s ritual and we have made minimal contact with Cameo though it has proved uncooperative. I will be bringing the Heroes of Rysa with me for a more extensive interview later today, and I will keep you apprised on the results.

As for Alpha, little remains known. As the result of our extensive background checks into the Jester-in-Yellow, we believe that Alpha either has the ability to magically disguise himself by means we can’t identify, or he snuck in, murdered, disposed of, and impersonated the Jester-in-Yellow while he was within our custody. It should be noted that Alpha bears a striking resemblance to the Sorcerer King of Rysa, Thranal Maldoun. Though there is the possibility this is another disguise, there is also the possibility that this entity is either possession or is Thranal Maldoun which would place him at an age of at least 10,000 years old. The danger this individual presents should in no way be taken lightly, as our best defense, the heroes of Rysa shall be moved to the palace to help insure the protection of the Emperor.

You all have received this information and more in the cylinders provided to you. Keep your readers handy, as we will be disseminating information as we receive it. By now you should all know your duties. You are dismissed.

Interview with Cassandrix-Give up nothing

“My brother fond of playing games. But there are rules not even he would dare break. He is playing a little trick on all of us you see. He’s done much grander than this many times in the past. He will come for me soon enough.”

“Stupid mortal always looking with your eyes and never seeing whats actually in front of your pathetically stupid faces. That man has orc blood running through his veins.”

“Today, we are going to the gladitorial games”

Invitation to Gladitorial Games- Maximus fighting


Johan and Seldom- Travers arrival, talky man

(once w/ book, into the sewers)


(Morgon stuff?)

Zarazik- appointed with Severn,

Would you care to explain to me exactly what game you are playing, dwarf?

shows images from perspective of inside his safe of Seldom stealing everything. Other images in the room.

“Now when we first met, I expected a certain level of intelligence from you. And now we have two paths before us. Without having to spell it out for you, I would hope that you understand typically the way things work, you and I should be the only people who knew that book was here. Now if you told your elf friend and he came here entirely of his own volition, that makes you merely incompetent. If you directed him to go and steal it back for you, that makes you traitorous and incompetent.

So because in either situation you come of as incredibly stupid, allow me to make something very plain to you, stealing state secrets from the his magesty’s spymaster’s office, is treason. I’m not sure how your people address that crime, but in the Imperium, well, against my better judgement, I’ll assume you are imaginative enough to puzzle it out

Emmas- new favorite game is princes birthday party, fight over who gets to be the first

Simon- Monthly meeting- more than doubled in size,
small sect (1/3) started to martyrize Shepard.
brother slade interrupts dragging with vampire girl, missing two fingers on off hand, most of her teeth knocked out with brick-gag in mouth, eyes sewn shut, arms heavily bound, give Simon the stake

“Good Evening, brothers. I have just returned from a successful hunt. I flushed out a den earlier when I saw this one trying to slink away, Ifigured, there was enough glory to go around. Brother Carter?”

( Brother Carter, I not aware if you keep up with literary publications. It was of course our holy texts that taught me the wonders of reading. It has become somewhat of a passion of mine. I came across something post-humulously published works by Bavril Tavik, I believe you knew he were acquainted. He has always been a bit… liberal for my tastes, however I thought of you when I read this.

Alone, Alone,
Deep within my tomb
save my subjects, all around me, picking flesh to the bone
they dance, crawl, skitter, bite, and loom.

In the darkest corners of the earth they found me,
spinning their fates among the shadows,
and though they brought me to the world of cloud, and light, and sky and sea,
Still I am spinning, and will show them how the darkness grows.

I enter now, only in the final act,
Quahier, unbowed, unrestrained by any hold,
I will retell truth without tact,
how the story now may unfold,

Into the darkness we again descend.
Quahir, the Bard, the other actors in our play,
to vistas and planes they cannot comprehend,
to mystery, or glory day?

Which ones are true? Which ones are brave,
and which will I spin into their grave?

Pulls out a jar with a spider in it. thunks it on the counter top. “I think you are aware of where I found that”

(If Simon attacks, he will not attack back. Or even dodge)

“I came here because of Shepard. I don’t know you, Simon Carter. I need to know what kind of man you are. They need to know. We have been tasked with carrying the light of St. Gregory in our lives, and these people have come to you because everyday they look out and see a little less of him in the world. They came to you because they believe you can bring Him back, because they fear our faith has turned too far from him. They need to know you are one who can do this. Now, I will not raise a hand against you, for it is impossible to suggest that you are not indeed his champion, nor will I for the nonce take any action against these so called “Daughters of St. Gregory.” But remember this, by your own volition, they are not of Him, we may not know what they are, but that much is certain. This we now both know, and should situations arise in which action must be taken, and you cannot be relied upon to take it yourself, I will without hesitation. We all have our duties to St. Gregory. You have yours, Brother Simon Carter, and I have mine.

Empress is very religous, dotes on you and the other emmas. Can tell she always kind of wanted daughters.

Walks in the garden with the prince.

Seldom- Shower-outside of shower- 1st voice, “Bored, Bored, Bored…” Repeatedly

(Seldom with 1st voice)
“Who is he talking to?” “Oh, no no no no no no no”

“Oi, Seldom, can you see me? Can you see me, (elf name)”

“Well this isn’t good.”


Duke Mavon: The emperor is insisting that he go on a royal hunt.

The Hunt

(village girls and boys)

I can not thank you enough for you assistance in my killing of this beast. This is truly a glorious day for us all.

(Knowledge nature- Centipedes don’t grow nearly this big)

Assassination attempt


Ages' End tman2met