The Truth Revealed

Half platform is a Black disk hovering thousand of miles in the air. Surface of the planet is burning. Obvious Ley lines glowing on the surface of the world. Half the disk is deep underground (Perception check: 20 There is a battle going on outside the bunker door. 25 Dwarves) Two spindly grey men without mouths are standing before you on the two sides of the disk.

Two distinct telepathic voices. No tense. Sometimes slipping into ineffable concepts.

Thereafters. Do not be afraid. You are in no danger. We have called you here to the now-before. We have used the Blood of Deceiver and the Black Rebel to bring you to us. It is happening now as it has happened in all times. You must find us in the nowandforever-apart.

The door bursts open. (Perception 20 dwarves with beards of lava and fire)

Singular voice “It appears I will not be able to follow you, brother. I am sorry to leave you alone in your vigil. Good bye.”

The cavern entity begins to shine intensely with magical energy. Starts to explode.

Back to the Future

The Truth Revealed

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