Treason and Plot

Immediate investigations

JOhann still has three dead women in his tent.

On the way home. Duke Mavon sends word that to underplay the seriousness of the situation he would like the procession back to see the hunting festival to completion. While the emperor has been whisked away by fastest means, the remaining procession will continue feasting all the way back to Rysa. Go with the emperor back to Rysa, or stay with the hunting party.

*as days pass, Zarazik you feel your magical spells come to you more easily, clerical spells becoming more and more difficult.

Emma- a cylinder on pillow

Prince: Lady Emma, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that while you may be a gallant hero, you still are dealing with the Future Emperor of the realm , and I hope you understand that I can not allow rampant aggression go unchecked."

Whole wardrobe replaced with frilly pink poofy dresses, all your chain veils are missing, replaced with web embroidered veils.

Perception- obviously placed before news of father.

First Night in Rysa

Johan dream:
crazyed scrabble, suddenly you are steve at point of a tremendously powerful devastation. One side in dwarven: can’t read, roll a will save to remember so how good do you think johann’s memory is.

“There is a web that connects us all. In the nowbefore and in the thereafter. Caught, struggling against our captive strands, the great ones pull too hard on their tethers. What sleeps in the dark corners awakens. What is past is always. If we are eternal, what power exists to swallow eternity?”

Reverse like two sides of a mirror (:Looks like it backwards- Dwarven no tense)

“What is to be done in the face of such power? Can what is open ever be closed? Can what is unbe? We go now beyond the veil, and there are no answers there. We go, not because we believe we are capable to stem the tide, but because it is without point to do otherwise.”

wakes up, the very tip of your pinky finger has turned black and hard.

Emma’s dream Starts out as usual, web snaps and you find yourself falling down through a bunch of dresses and masks until you land in the throne room upon the throne, in the “queen’s” throne sits a spider in a waste coat and 8 lensed glasses. Upon the Prince’s throne sits the Jester in Yellow. Johann, and Zarazik and Seldom and Simon are there as are the other Emma’s. The rest of the people in attendance are various insects from the garden pleading with you to help them on various issues.

(Is this really what you want? There is a lot more out there than this.)

Simon’s Dream
You are at your Cult Meeting more and more people keep pouring in. The 3 Emmas are running around without their veils on. You are trying to talk over them but they keep shouting Brother Slade bursts in dragging Emma and Lady St. Gregory. (perception: Two right hands) After brother slade, birds start flying in. You look around and everyone is in the cult are varying forms of undead. When you look to the mechanical birds again they aren’t sparrows, they are vultures. Then the Brother’s of the Silent Vow burst in blocking all the exits. Their faceless heads have been replaced with metal skulls wreathed in flame. Brother Slade approaches you and throws both of his bound victims to your feet. He hands you two stakes with 2 right hands. "They are both guilty, but you may show clemency to one, or none, but if you do not choose, and choose quickly, all four of us will die. Throughout this ordeal, Sometimes Slade is The First. Sometimes St. Gregory is Cassandrix. Sometimes all five will shift into (picture) The zombie cultists/ emmas descend upon you and you wake up in a cold sweat.

Zarazik’s dream
You are sitting pouring over some ancient manuscripts and are making great leaps of progress in your research, the majority of the dream is you reading a book to the comforting sound of a hammer striking an anvil, bellows, and the hiss of rapidly evaporating water. It is a slow steady drum beat demarcated by periodic changes to the melody letting you know a piece has been finished. You can tell by the ringing of the hammer what is being produced. The first is a short blade, the second is a brestplate, the blacksmith in the background begins a third piece but shortly into the piece the hammer blows stop abruptly.

the stairs open up into a magnificent lava forge. (Perception)You cannot recognize the stone in this room. (knowledge planes) possibly extra planar. Beside the forge, a hammer and anvil lie smashed to dust.
On the opposite side of the room sits Zarazik, speaks with the First’s Voice.
“We’ll talk soon” The First- wake up suddenly

Seldom you don’t dream any more.

Simon wakes up
Sally March wakes you up, she has as always prepared a small but hearty hot breakfast for you and goes over your daily appointments. You have recieved a summons to meet with the The Grand High Cleric. After that you have a Council Session to address business you missed while on the hunt, and a dinner invitation for that evening at Brother Slade’s before…" One month since last meeting

“Brother Carter,…(correcting herslef) m’lord, If I may, m’lord, I wish to speak frankly with you for a moment”

“In the interest of both of us preforming our jobs as efficiently as possible, if m’lord was so incline, I would be quite willing to assist him in all of his affairs.”

Seldom wakes up. The first thing you notice is that you feel rough. You aren’t sure if you are hungover or legitimately poisoned. You are covered in bruises and scratches. YOu are in the old elven room at the Royals Inn which is funny because the last thing you remember was going to sleep in your room in the palace. Around you is a slightly less than Johann’s amount of women all around you, 3, one is Simon’s orcs who you’ve never met before aside from attacking them as part of a giant woman golem, one is a only slightly burned elven woman who was one of Tear’s friends who understandably had been cold to your and Johann’s coup, and the third is a bard who regularly preformed at the Royal’s Inn during your stay there and regularly went out of her way to avoid you and Johann to the point that you both of suspected was a racist. The floor is strewn with empty bottles of liquor and various drugs, many of which even with Bavril’s crib notes, you still wouldn’t know how to get. Several butts have been put out, burned into the bedside table, mattress, and the wall. (fayleaf and tobacco) Room is completely trashed, the debris includes many elven antiques and paintings. You are missing 753 gold. You are completely naked and have absolutely no idea how you got here. You imagine this is not too different from how Johann might end up after a really quite spectacular evening.
(find remnants of clothing torn to shreds)

Stealth to get up unnoticed

A noise coming from the bathroom.

Shower installed. You feel like you haven’t washed in days.

“Ugh…Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.” the First voice

In the mirror, Seldom looking healthy without tattoos but has the first voice moves independently of Seldom, “Who is he talking to?”

“Oh now well, this isn’t good.”

Walk back into room, “Wait, that was real life! I thought I was just remembering that. Oooh, boy.”

“I don’t want to alarm you. but I may be losing control of this situation… a bit, but don’t worry. Surely, this is a temporary problem. I can fix this. I can fix this, but wait, can I fix this? Shouldn’t I have already. Okay, okay, okay, how does this work again?”

“Shut up, I am trying to think with your brain here, and as you can imagine, it’s not a lot ot work with.” Reflection start scratching his chin. (Will save- 20- you start scratching your chin)“Then again, it could be worse. I wonder how I am faring in Johann’s brain. I really do not envy that version of me, and the fact that I knowingly condemned myself to that fate, well, let’s just say it goes a lot to confirming my masochistic tendencies”

“I feel like I honestly would have come out and told Zarazik at this point, but if I haven’t done it by this point, you can bet there is a probably good reason. What I wouldn’t give to be the fly on that wall, eh?”

“Okay, I’ve narrowed it down. For one thing, my sister certainly did a number on your head a while back, and let’s be honest, the fairly regular drug use probably didn’t help, and if I were in you I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that I could genuinely be going insane, that would certainly be a completely sensible thing to believe, but if I had to pick I’d have to say this is probably due to your recent undeath. In all likelihood though, its probably a little bit of column A, B, and C, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, mostly undead. The novelty of which I would find refreshing did it not disturbingly open up a whole new Shagora’s Box of issues I now have to unfortunately deal with, for which I am admittedly grossly unprepared to do so, as I have to make do with your…(looking around) well frankly it is not very impressive, now is it? As you might have noticed It’s getting a tad too crowded in here. So I am going to need to borrow our brain for a while. I’ll be in touch.

Anybody have anything they want to do in the morning?

With the Grand High Cleric-looks tired, old, sick. His posture is poor, as if the chain of his office wears heavily on him both physically and emotionally, and his face is more wrinkled since you last talked and he’s developing large dark bags under his eyes. His hair has grown thin and is now far more white than grey.

“Brother Carter, It is good to see you? I hope that our God sees fit to smile upon you today.”

I wanted to get your opinion on this." Hands you a sheet of parchment with a ripped hole at the top. Basically 95 Theses about Magic "It was posted on the cathedral gate while you were on the hunt. It was written by a Brother Luther Martin. (You remember him, original member from Shepard’s days) He seems to take offense with many church policies, and while his arguments are not without merit, I’m quite afraid that a certain faction of the church that is not without sway wants me to make an example of this poor young man and try him on accounts of heresy, and if that happens, we cannot count on him receiving any semblance a fair trial. I could have him pardoned but I have lost all the good will I had when I replaced Galloway with you on the council. I’m old, Brother Carter, I was old when I first met you, and even though time hasn’t seemed to touched you, I can say I’ve felt the last 15 years quite deeply. Galloway has returned to Ath’lahtl and he is courting the upper echelons of the clergy there. He stands a good chance to ascend to this high office when I have done my job and gone to join God in paradise. If I don’t punish this misguided boy, I’ll only succeed in driving more support to him, but the last thing the church and the realm needs right now is a full blown inquisition. If the rumors about these dissidents are true, which I am starting to believe they most definitely are, this is no doubt the only the spear point of the issue. You have always been faithful and honest in our dealings, Brother Carter, I’ve wanted to seek your council before rendering a final verdict.

Oh yes, now I remember, forgive an old man, I understand you will be attending your first council meeting soon. That is the real reason I asked you here. I was hoping to talk to you about the interests the church would like put forward. These are the churches positions for the subjects on the docket(Gives a scroll) It is quite normal for new motions to come up during the course of your meeting, in these matters, I trust your discretion, Brother Carter. Though I hope you will keep me apprised of any decisions you make on my behalf.

There is one more thing, when they open the floor, I ask that that you put forward two initiatives. The first, that we offer the convicted man repentance and allow him to take the Silent Vow as an atonement of his sins. The second, that the church should be alotted a small quantity of coin that we might recompense somewhat the families of those who take the vow. As we gain brothers, they lose field hands, we should not turn aside from our obligation to those who have given so much for us."

(“I want to show you something” Hologram standing right beside you conv between GHC and young man “What is your name?- Brother Liam Cedwick. And Why do you want to take the Silent Vow, Brother Cedwick? -Well, your holiness, the way I see it, it ain’t rightly a choice, now is it? I know I can never be a great hero like Brother Carter or Brother Slade, I can’t fight horrible monsters or channel divine powers, but, well, Pa heard about what happened to those poor girls. I got three sisters. Now, I hope you won’t take offense if I say I ain’t never been too much the religious type. I mean, uh, I know my holy prayers as they taught me my letters and all, your holiness, and, uh, I say em day for I lay my head, but honestly, my family is scared, and I just want to help.”

If pushed
“My boy, I’ve been visited by terrible dreams of late. Dark dreams. In these dreams, the sky turns black, and the dead walk the earth. They descend upon that poor young prince, the last spark of God in this world, and I want to run to help him but I’m trapped, and all around me is this terrible web, and I’m completely ensnared, and as I watch the boy die, the whole world just turns to ash. I can only believe it is a warning from our Lord.”

Johan to Steve (everyone can hear)
Steve is in a bad mood all morning. He is not reacting well to something.

Emma and the Prince
His Majesty Prince Robert IV wishes to humbly ask that you might join him for lunch in the garden. It is roast quail.

“Lady Emma, did you know , that in the jungles far south of At’lathl, there are actually spiders there large enough catch and eat small birds.”

“My father is dying. Mother made me go see him. He was pale with death. He could barely turn his head to look at me. They cut off his leg, you know, to try and stop the spreading but it didn’t help. He is in such terrible pain now, and He is unable to preform his responsibilities and I fear he may never be able to again.

It was fate. The Yellow Jesters final riddle.

What touches all of you here but can never be touched. I must be answered that though I ask no questions? Who am I?

The answer was fate.

Tell me, Lady Emma, do you know much of fate?

“but Surely you must know something.
It is just, I had one of the servants get me this procures a new looking book”
Read Transcript from THE HUNT

“I don’t always understand all of his prose, I am afraid he is still a bit to clever with phrase for me. Father put on a smile but never liked him much, but I heard two of my schoolmasters discussing him, and when I learned he was an acquaintance of yours I became interested. Ser Tavik is talking about you is he not, or have I made a mistake.”

Emergency Counsel Meeting
Large room off from the throne room. Long circular table engraved with a chain with seats for Ministers of Eccumenical, Magical, Financial, and Military Affaris. Surround the table sits dozens of clerks, officers, nobles, and subordinates, recognize a lot of faces from your post-masquerade debriefing.

“The emperor is in no position to be reviewing any new decrees we produce here. From this point forward, the council has assumed royal authority and decisions we be carried out by a straight democratic vote. As chancellor, I hold a veto that can be overruled by 2/3rds majority. Royal authority will be restored to his majesty as soon as he is well enough.

Budget appropriations for make and manufacture of high quantities of arcane slings. Also Setting aside the circle at Highwater for their production both for Brothers of Silent Vow and city guard. (Mavon: Yes. Church: (Yes, with caveat that Highwater will still dedicate time to the sacrament of the Silent Vow) Severn: Yes. LesVontier: No. Still haven’t paid off the Gnomes for the 1st and 2nd Crusade. Mavon The Gnomish Mercantiles is of no concern, Military: yes, also want)

-Elves living in the city. Petition to have them removed.
(Mavon: No, don’t need to start trouble with the elves, other concerns, doesn’t care. Church: (Yes) Severn: Yes, this is not a time to alienate the people. LesVontier: No, slippery slope, all coin is good coin. Evicting will scare cities wealthy landlords. Military: Yes, it was hard enough getting them out the first time, liability concerning the fires)

Settlements in the Great Northern Wilderness once again demanding greater autonomy, they feel with the emperor current condition, that the empire could stand to benefit from decreased oversight of the territories.
Mavon: No, Church: (No), Severn: Yes, The Empire encompasses most of the world now, we can’t keep running everything from here in Rysa. I agree that communication is quicker but it isn’t instantaneous. We need to grant our lands further autonomy. They know their needs better than we. The tighter we grasp them the more they will struggle, is all I am saying.
Military: Bunch of wet behind the ears greenblooded little lords. This is what we reap for bestowing nobility for favors and coin. Give them a slice and they will take the whole pie I tell you. These Bloody uppity commoners think they ought to inherit the bloody world.

-Open the floor
Military: I’d like to ask the council to put aside the peace time cause of our conscription protocols and begin bolstering our military forces. The years since the end of the 2nd Crusade have been uncommonly prosperous so we will not suffer from diverting labor away from the civilian sector. It will also provide employment for the growing claseless population developing within our cities. All things considered, I think we can all agree having a large, mobile, and prepared fighting force is something we would rather have and not need, than need and not have.

Mavon: Undecided, Yes Church: , Yes, provide an exception be made for those joining the clergy. Severn: Yes, Military: Yes, LesVontier: Undecided, leaning to No do to extra costs (Academy: No, upsets research/classes, yes, exemption for university)

Mavon: We received this this morning. It is from the Duke Fremen of the Duchy of the Reclaimation. Apparently, they are not as reclaimed as we had thought. He is requesting men to help deal with the drastic resurgence in monster populations we’ve been observing recently. If these reports are to be believed all the hard earned success we’ve had over the last 20 years at culling their numbers will very soon be undone, quite likely could be undone already. What is more is he states that he has already recieved support from the Duchess DeAugistine in Ath’lathl who pledges to send additional men to supplement what Rysa cannot raise.

With the Emperor as he is, I can’t see how this isn’t an obvious ploy to garner support from the Southern Lords. Despite the monsters, they have still have plenty of strength and give the Ath’lathl nobility someplace to retreat to when we drop the hammer down on whatever it is they are cooking up. They will get it too, and more possibly, as we just don’t have the men to spare right now. The Emperor is not well, and the young prince is at this time incapable of siring an heir. This is the most precarious situation the royal line has been in since before the 1st Crusade. Any men we could send, we now have redoubled on the palace grounds and in the city to ensure the protection of what is left of that line. Should the unthinkable happen and it fall, the Duchess DeAugistine has the name at the very least and more importantly, the support of the Ath’lathl nobility to try and take the crown. Should our newly enobled northern lords take such a conflict as an opportunity to also move against us, well, the threat could become a real one. As we all know the Athlathl group have never been to friendly towards us and with the sudden removal of their last remaining advocate on the council (looks at Simon frustratedly) should they gain any sort of legitimacy, hard to believe as that may be, I have not doubt what so ever that should they succeed in their ambitions, all our heads will end up on chopping blocks, and that is a future I am keen to avoid.

Severn: Leave the South to the south. The Church has BOTSV stationed in every city, and despite the treasoneous whims of the local lord, they remain loyal to the cathedral, and that is located in rysa. Should additional help be required, through no small effort on my part we remain on good terms with many reliable Mercenaries outfits from 2nd Crusade.

Military: This solidifies importance of the Draft.

Miltary: I would like to discuss Codename: Alpha for a moment. With the recent attack, the Military is redoubling our security efforts…For all the good that will do us. Does anybody else here feel like he is playing a game with us? If he wanted his Majesty dead he could have bloody done it weeks ago. What exactly is going on, Gentlement?

(Church silent vow wishes)

Seldom- You are back in your room. You are still in your hotel room. Clothed in some fine quality robes, and the women are missing. Sun is much higher in the sky.

“So I think I have figured it out. See your-slash-your brain is dying-slash-dead, where as my-your brain is still very, very much alive, and I am sort of… spilling over? Trust me, It’s all very technical…(pause)

I’m sure you wouldn’t understand

“So there are a number of ways I can fix this, so I am here to offer you something that was never offered me, a choice, I can leave, which believe me, I would be more than happy to do There is a little bit of a caveat in that I’m all that is keeping you somewhat alive and in doing so you will become completely undead with all the benefits and consequences therein. Now I can stay, and keep you…well, as you are. For reasons we can’t get into, I really can’t let you go around telling anyone about this, so here is the deal, if I stay, I’ll keep you from telling anyone. I can do that pretty easily, or if you would like I can erase your memory of all of this so you won’t even be tempted. Again something I can do quite easily. Now, if I leave, I can’t exactly stop you from telling anyone, but considering the situation, let me make this perfectly clear anyone you are likely to talk to about this will take you for a raving lunatic, and I’m sure they will whisk you away to some asylum, or hell, they might deem you to dangerous to be left alive…well, you know. And come on, Seldom..I’ve been watching, it wouldn’t be a hard sell.

So what is it going to be?

Good now go find Emmma, oooh oooh, or better yet, go get all the Emmas.

Won’t let you into the palace (racist guards)

With Emmas “Wanna see something cool” – Willsave 20 – All Emmas stand perfectly still, head feels much clearer, can’t talk about it. Emma you lost about a second of time.

Babbling incoherently if triess to tell or write out

Emma-Johan-Zarazik rest of the afternoon-evening

Waiting with Seldom- "Hey, Seldom. Remember all that stuff I just said. Yeah, that was a lie. Do you want to know the real reason this is happening. The truth is you are the First. You are Thranal Kalsano Drall Maldoun, Sorcerer King of Rysa. True Ruler of all Elves, and creator of the Orc Race. The being known as Seldom only served as my covert and subtle attempts to retake my THRONE! Very soon now, I will have no more need of you. AH HA HA…

So on a scale of 1-10, how much did you believe that>

Rest of the Day-Johan Emma Zarazik

Dinner with Slade

Brother Slade lives basically in something identical to where you shortly maintained church apartment. While always quite spartan, Brother Slade keeps an even sparse living situation then the standard. The windows are curtainless and the panes of glass have been removed letting in the cool pre storm air. He has removed all doors save the one leading to the bathroom. (Perception: reinstalled very recently) His only luxuries being a large bookshelf filled with books and a small wine and spice rack , abundantly draped with garlic (perception) all the wine is human vintage and there a bottle labeled poison set off by itself within the wine rack. Of personal adornments, he has two. A small shrine to St. Gregory, a simple black circular chain suspended on nails, and a small worn painting (Perception: An attractive young man and woman and two small boys.)( Perception: There is no sign that anyone else but him lives here, i.e. no servants or squires.) The meal is already prepared when you arrive, and he beckons you to table to eat. His silverware is of high quality though they are quite worn which could be due to poor upkeep and/or simply age.

“Would you like to lead the prayer or should I?”
Typically, St. Gregorite’s join hands for prayer before dinner.

Do you eat? The meal is a standard of red meat, potatoes, and salad. It tastes quite good and is aesthetically prepared, yet the dishes still remain quite humble. Do you drink the wine? The wine complements the food well being of a similar modest but honest high quality. Brother Slade eats in his armor with his weapons, save his shield and helmet. (Perception: recently changed his linens, hardly yellowed) and he eats in complete silence.(Perception: his meal has been cut into portions ahead of time, he rotates bites and small sips of wine) He has one glass of wine with dinner, and finishes his meal before the glass. He swallows the last of his wine, places the bronze glass on the table.

Looks out the window " I hate this kind of weather. The Dark Dawn rides storm clouds to an early rise, and in that darkness, there are terrors. The rising of the morn does never quickens itself. It is not greedy like the darkness. No matter how long the darkness falls, the light will always come at the appointed hours"

“This was some advice I tried to pass on to Brother Luther. As I am sure you are aware by now he has been damn foolish. He came to me just after you left with his Majesty looking for support for this action, and expressed frustration that you were not ‘taking our goals seriously’. He expressly asked me to help him take control of the movement. To which I declined, and then tried to dissuade him of continuing with his rash actions. I am afraid he did not listen.

I am not a prophet, Brother Carter, so I do not walk the prophet’s path. Luther is not a prophet, like the falling ranks of evening, the completeness of his failure discerns that enough. So I ask you are you a prophet, Brother Carter?

(If No) (Becomes very serious) Then why do you continue to parade yourself as one? This is not a game, Brother Carter. Brother Luther will die. He is not a monster. He is one of our faith, and through our actions, his blood will be upon our hands. There is like to be more. If you are not a prophet, what is it exactly you wish to accomplish with all of this?

(If Yes) That will remain to be seen, but I am in no position to deny it, and if mayhaps it is truth, I’ll gladly fight and die for it.

I will confide in you, not because I particularly trust you, but because I fear to not do so would leaves the potential for great harm to come to the world, and I would not be able to abide doing nothing when it may have been in my power to prevent such an event.

I have been, of late, experiencing rather vivid terrors in the night. I should not got go into the details unless you deem it prudent, suffice to say they have disturbed me great enough to bring it to your attention."

“I dream that all light goes out from the world, and the streets are filled with the dead, and they are us, all of us, this city, this world. Everyone is dead except me, and yet some cruel force parades them around as a mockery to the living, and so I set myself to work destroying them. Which I do. I destroy all of them. I destroy you. I destroy the grand high cleric. I even destroy his Majesty, and his wife, and his child, and I am left alone on a plain of ash that never ends weeping tears of blood.”

Weeks pass
- Zarazik, over the weeks feel connection to deity wanning. Active forging, of some kind or another in dwarf dreams is a pretty ubiquitous event. You have not heard the sound of hammer against steel against anvil in your dreams since your first night back in Rysa.

-Emma, you’ve started to notice that two of the Emma personalities have started to gang up on one of the Emma personalities. The only caveat being that the personalities have become distinct but not consistent, there is overlap.

Johann it starts kind of subtley, but Steve is now on full alert 24/7. You are the only one that feels this. Steve quits asking for random peoples blood, he quits asking for Emma’s blood, He is actually really quite, to the relief I imagine of the rest of the party. (Perception-to even notice-roleplay oppurtunity) After complete silence, completely serious (Sense Motive: kind of creepy/ he is suspicious) "You know, Johann, there is a way for me just to talk to you now, the only problem is that everybody knows that now. So…get back to me on that.



Zarazik from Fristrelli

You think you hear hammering, but waking up you realize it is just a mechanical bird pecking something metal you presumably keep in your sleeping quarters.

A little bird told me you had some interesting tastes in literature. Fistrelli the Strange and Magnificent understands the mind of a discerning wizard and would like to offer you a glance at something that might particularly pique your interests. Please bring your honorable companion and good friend Johann, as I have an item waiting for him as well.

Old Dwarven text written by the Planeographer Yot, sometimes known as Yot Planeswalker, Yot the Mad Planeswalker, Yot of the Cabal of the Secrets of Magic, Mad Yot the Planeswalker, Yot the Mad Dwarf Wizard, and The Insane, Mad Dwarf Wizard Yot – (Knowledge Arcana) This is a genuine stone manuscript of the Ancient Dwarven Planeography by the Planographer Yot. Planes have always been kind of a mystery, while they are known to exists, interaction has always been extremely limited. Normally due to either through potent genius or by sheer buffoonery. The Ancient Dwarven Planagropher known as Yot being the foremost of the former, Most of Yot’s work disappeared when he famously destroyed his planar observatory rather than letting it fall into Elf hands during the Elf-Dwarf War,which has since become the topic many Dwarven Tragedies and Elven Epics. Knowledge Appraise – This is an original Yot. Which in terms of perspective, Yot wasn’t contemporaries with your god, but he wasn’t exactly far off.
(Knowledge: Religion- Yot probably still followed the old gods.)
While Elven history depicts him almost unilaterally as a war criminal, His role in dwarven culture is somewhat more complex, mostly revolving around how personal views on the Elf-Dwarf War. Yot’s research definitely help escalate the conflict, both for his summoning practices and his role among the cabal of Dwarven wizards who held and researched the secrets of constructing intelligent weapons. There is, also, some debate among the more conservative factions of Dwarven society over whether or not Yot can be considered a True Dwarf i.e. A dwarf who has never been above ground, for while he never saw the sky of this plane, there is some credible testimony that Yot had stepped onto at least one other plane, for reference could be considered analogous to the moon landing. Again, this manuscript could be seen as direct evidence supporting that. Generally, he is viewed favorably as one of the races most powerful, knowledgeable, and accomplished wizards. As a side note, he did have one particularly relevant admirer. The majority of the remaining transcriptions of Yot’s work disappeared with their owner, an elf named Thranal Kaltsano Drall Maldoun, who in his youth unabashedly admitted that his procurement of the Demon Blood necessary for the creation of orcs was wholely based on Yotian principles. He even went as far as to publicly call Yot a “genius.” This is notable because it is one of a handful of times where an elf ever came out and admitted the member of another race could be better than an elf at anything and is particularly notable because it concerns dwarves and magic. His defense of Yot was the subject of much of his rival’s propoganda during the Sorcery Wars.

Part of it is written in that strange cuniform calculus you recorded back at the blacksite of your arrival in the GNW, though where that was calculus this is more like simple geometry.

(Appraise) This thing is probably the second most valuable thing you’ve ever seen after steve, with Emma’s coin being a very distant third. (Knowledge Planes (+2 to check, no penalties) This tablet is, by leaps and bounds, a more indepth study into the planes then any research going on today. It detail that planes exist tangentially to nexus points (two ley lines intersecting. Less like mickey mouse ears and more like metaphysical onion layers see: lower planes and higher planes kind of make sense now) and gives some argument to the idea that they exist as a form of prison for things described as “The First Children” and for souls pledged to the First Children (Devils, Demons come to mind but this tablet brings up a whole new realm of things that could be out there).

(A knowledge Arcana and three Knowledge Planes)
A 1=-5, 2-4=-2, 4-8=-1, 9-11=0, 12-15= 1, 16-19=2, 20+5
P double
P ditto

P ditto

Permanent +1 to Arcana, Permanent +2 to Knowledge: Planes, and you have learned the true name of at least 1 “outsider” of indeterminate power

(As a Lawful evil person I would like for you to sense Motive against your own bluff- This thing is of calculable value. Any nonmagical scholar in his right mind would gladly have paid ten times what you paid to study over this. What does Fristrelli stand to gain by giving you access to such a thing so easily?)

The Ring of the Mysterious Priest (Don’t roll a 1)
The Mysterious Priest is an adventure epic trope. Basically gandalf or merlin, but instead of an old wizard it is a young priest of an indeterminate religion who goes about arranging for a bunch of teenagers to bump into one another and then they go off on a mystical quest for some magical sword or to save the world or more often than not, both. He usually appears periodically throughout the story and usually exhibits a calm and cavalier attitude even in the tensest of situations. About 50% of the time he turns out to be the bad guy and about 50% of the time he turns out to be a good guy, but both frameworks are by now completely cliche. There was a satirical resurgence of the genre about a 100 years, but even that has become over done. Bavril Tavik hated the “mysterious priest” trope describing it as “lazy, unimaginative trash” and went out of his way to write scathing, lengthy critiques of any rising bard attempting a fresh take on the style. Finding a ring is how a good many of these stories begin

“This was found in our recent trek into the newly discovered Cairn of Chieftain Ezermann.” (Knowledge History) Ezermann is the protagonist of a typical human mysterious priest story. He finds a ring at the bottom of a river and is visted by the Mysterious Priest and through a gallant quest in which many monsters were slain and princesses bedded the humble fisherman finds a great tribe of Humanity. Ezermann’s The Clan of the Red Maul is noteworthy as the last clan to submit to King Hroth the I’s just before the Human Dragon Crisis of 19,114 P.E (Primus Emperious-after foundation of the 1st Empire right in the middle of the Sorcery Wars) (Knowledge Nobility) The Red Maul Clan later became House Maulthred which led an unsuccessful rebellion about 200 years before the 1st Crusade over accusations of Devil Worship, and the deposed and landless knights formed the foundation of the well-known Red Maul Mercenary Organization.

It is said that whoever possesses the ring will recieve a visit from the mysterious priest and be lead to a grand ADVENTURE…ooooooh hand waves though, I’m not entirely sure what it will do, as it may have already…used up it charge or something? I am willing to part with it for another 500 gold. The ring is clearly still magical, and I assure you that is at cost. I could receive more for it based on its historical value alone.

No refunds.

Emperor Dies -
Duke Mavon calls late night meeting
“I have some news to share with you all. His Holy Majesty Laurent DeAuguistine the II, Empereror of the Empirum of Man, and the conquered land of the elves, the Great Northern Wilderness, and the Baalgor Wastes, has died. He is succeeded by his son, Emperor Robert DeAuguistine the IV. We have sent word to Athlathl to the South and to Redmere to the North. A disbatch has also been sent to the Gnomish Mercantiles board in Gymr. We are not expecting this to be a difficult transition. No doubt some distant cousins are bound to kick up a fuss, but I’d be surprised if more than a week passes before we have their heads on spikes. While I relations with Ath’lathl and the GNW territories have been somewhat strained of late, we won’t be facing any kind of serious revolt as long Robert remains on the Throne. Should that stop happening, the stability of the realm could come into question. Which is why as Chancellor and with the permission of Regent Empress Teresa, we will be intensifying security efforts. The Prince is to not be left unattended at anytime. His movement will be restricted to the Palace. We will be tripling patrols within the palace and it’s grounds. No one without business pertaining to the safety and security of the Emperor and his territories will from this point forward be allowed entry to the palace. (Looks at Johann)

Kotec wakes up – wants to talk to zarazik

Robert attends council meetings-

Today I would like to bring to the table the issue of dealing with the prisoner Cameo. With the help of Kotec, I have devised a way in which I believe we might permanently destroy her. It is at this point theoretical and not without considerable risk. Upon learning and verifying this, however, Cameo has become infinitely more…agreeable towards our administration. She says she is willing to help us defeat Alpha who she claims she is already hostile towards. She is of the opinion that we are incapable of defeating him without her assistance, and I am not totally inclined to disbelieve her. The truth remains that Cameo isn’t particularly deserving of our trust. There is a third option. Someone could attempt to bind Cameo to their will. This would be by far the most dangerous of the options. I imagine the only wizards powerful enough on hand would be Zarazik and myself, and taking into account her considerable animosity towards Master Zarazik which no doubt would increase the difficulty and risk, this burden would be mine to bear. I am not particularly excited about this option as it is quite possible I will need to be detained or killed in success or failure, but it is an option, and I would be remiss if I did not present it. We can always keep her as she is now, but with time we increase our risk of escape or rescue.

Months pass

How much the humans can be trusted?

Tell me how much do you know of our history.

(History check- Dwarven history pretty much begins with the Dwarve God War. Dwarf creation myth is that the Dwarf Gods is pretty standard. The Dwarf Gods are kind of ambiguous. Who they are? Where they came from? There is no known on the causes of the war or even who the losing side consisted of as their names were stricken from all records. The victors became the standard dwarven pantheon, and even for none religious occupation pledging yourself to a deity is a social tradition. Their true purposes more so than other pantheons is a bit more mysterious, most seem perfectly agreeable to let middle management handle the details and have been pretty quiet since then. Dwarven religion is more about the philosophies that have been attributed Dwarf Gods. The dwarves were created sometime during what it is believed to be the last throes of the Dwarven God War. Every now and then dwarves will come across members of a nameless clan and they are generally treated like second class citizens. The stigma of having walked on the surface comes from in no small part that nameless clans are far more likely to be found on the surface, and that the nameless clans were banished to the surface. Dwarves believe/know there is power in a name and keep their true name a guarded secret, Nameless clans are incapable of having a true name.

The rest of dwarven history is pretty much marked up with periodic various holy wars against cult claiming to be dedicated to one of these lost gods, typically turns out to be a manipulative demon, though occasionally its the real deal, or a member of the pantheon will suddenly lose favor for some unknown reason, or things start getting too liberal. There was a particularly short lived rebellion in which a dwarven clan was put down severly for suggesting that beard shaving should be a choice.

Then the Holds Shut mysteriously, and no one has known what is going on inside.

And what do you think is going on inside, Zarazik?

“I have some inkling but our enemies are cunning and secrecy in matters is often an effective tool. I was sent above ground for vital reconnaissance, if they had known the holds would shut, they did not see fit to enlighten me. All I can do is trust their judgement in this.

I would like to talk to you about the Chained Gods (Did you do research) All you could really find is an instance where a group claiming to have found a member of that pantheon, but was really just an imprisoned demon they unearthed.

If the testimony of the cult is to be believed the Chain Gods abstained from entering the Elf Dwarf war on either side and were punished for their cowardice. It was a rather substantial nameless uprising.

Steve remains on high alert

Emmas personalities continue to differentiate. Every now and then there are days in which two of the Emma personalities kind of split and merged and there briefly exists four Emma personalities occupying three bodies. (Perception for people who regularly hang out with Emmas- sometimes you could swear that their is a forth emma.)

Terrible Storms for a week

Palace attacks, Emmas “He wanted us to wake you up”

Perception (-2, -4 for those of you who typically go to sleep drunk) -BOSV ATTACK

Empress dead

Duke Mavon-“Go protect the prince.”

Attack on the Prince – teleport- teleporting yourself is extremely high level magic, teleporting yourself and doubly so. Knowlede Arcana- Magical displacement in the area doesn’t match up, must be relatively short range.

Surival to track -4 due to heavy rain

Cathedral (FIRST COOL THING JOHANN DOES IF BOUGHT RING- once a day reroll for something sufficiently awesome)

“This is the dawn of a new age, brothers, and end to the tides of darkness. The Glory of God will purify this world, and we will all be granted everlasting life in his service. The non believer, the heretic, the abomination, the searing light of his divinity will cleanse this world.

These false heroes wish to bring about the destruction of our glorious faith. Set upon them brothers as flames to weeds. Suffer not these crude beasts and false prophets to live.

Brothers of the Silent Vow

perception. one of the guards carries on his belt a ringlet of chains, while it isn’t out of place, it isn’t exactly standard issue.

Elven catacombs the humans raised the Elf temple to the ground during the 1st Crusade and built their cathedral on top of the ruins. They kept the catacombs but removed all the elven buried their with their war dead and great heroes of the 1st Crusade. These catacombs stretch back centuries to the first settlement of Rysa after the elven migration from the GNW, and while it has been heavily modified by humans, it still retains most of its beautiful elven architecture. Walking through here feels eerily like walking through the palace.

Brothers of the Silent Vow- unmarked

Holy Symbol -Keeps Undead out (Seldom completely or uneasily)


Resting Place of the 8th Legion- History- lead the final assault on Rysa (previously honored dead of from the final days of the elf-dwarf war who heroically defended rysa)

2x Scarabs swarms in urns


Elf bones in sewers


Surivial (-4, along the costal roads and then breaks inland and soon off road, successfully defended against a bandit attack, and arrives at a familiar looking dig site,)

The large excavation pits which have been extended upon since your last visit here have been turned into mass graves, piled with charred corpses of orc and human. Over in one corner of the dig site there is a pen over crowded with orcs in very poor physical condition.

Grand High Cleric’s yet somehow otherworldy voice booms, ground beneath you shakes, seems to be coming from the descending ruins

St. Gregory prayers, broken up with hideous laughter,

descend into the ruin

prince stabbed -“Lady Emma, help”

Hellish landscape- Grey figure

Willsave 20 (overwhelming Wave of fear and confusion -4 to all actions for 1D4 rounds, stunned for 1 round)

Storm of tortured spirits comes screaming by, aren’t identifiable. 1d8 damage, Willsave 17, -2 to all actions for 1d4 rounds, +10 to hit

1-Seldom, 2- Johann, 3- Emma, 4 – Simon, 5-Zarazik, 6-the prince

hours and hours ( no sun set or sun rise), Perception – eventually reach end of the plane, distant rumble shrinking at a surprising speed

Acrobatics and athletics checks, 4 checks
Failure (Fatigued)

blood on floor still fresh

Peace in our Time

Treason and Plot

Ages' End tman2met