Back to the Beginning- The Dwarven Holds

talking with everyone outside
Fabrizo, Ct. Frederik, Mysterious Priest

You wake up and you are still in the dungeon.
You remember a storm. It had been heavy. You were escorting the prince somewhere, you can seem to remember where now.

Next room all eyes along the walls

Dragon Egg

War Room

Prison Room

Room full of crudely crafted dolls

Egg Sacrifice

Black Wizard- You mean you can’t remember

Primitive Wizard Laboratory – Red Eyes and health potions, Teleporter

Forest room, Orcs eating dead Elf and gnome, goblin playing with princes crown, one else still alive

Elven ruins- Mummified Elven Women, touch the women sparks mumification

Banquet Hall- corpses at the tables and chairs Riddle

Zombies and centipedes

More decrepit Elven ruins- walking over bones
Elf tries to backstab them

Wizards Blood- Another door,

Ground is hot, disappearing, trapped


Back to the Beginning- The Dwarven Holds

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