Back to the Beginning-The Dwarven Holds

The War that begun so many years ago is almost over.
You army sits camping out in the twisted caricature of the lands of the Conquered thrown. The Oceans and fertile grown of old are now one endless red plane of dust and ash.
On your march to place, you watched as great swatches of that plane broke away and descended into nothingness. It is clear to you all, that existence itself will likely be the final casualty.

The first sits meditating in front of the gates of the reconstructed black metal palace, between the rows of black metal silhouettes of all those who had died to bring you to this point. Floating above him, is spinning Orbs of The Mad Wizard Yot’s Planogratory

You are surrounded by your lieutenants, as you exchange what very well be your last moments together.

Vampire Lord Frederick of the Fist
The Mysterious Priest
Hellmaster Fabrizo
The Liches of the Travelling Santiago
The Remaining Emma
The Silver Lady and the Surviving Dragons
Brother Liam Chedwick, and the Brothers of the Broken Vow

Final Goodbyes

Dungeon of the Mind

Final Battle,
About time you showed up

The Third

The Second


The blackmetal covering the room turns to sludge and drips to the floor, inching at then streaming into the huddled form of The First. The melting facade of the throne room reveals perfectly hemispherical disk room. Spindles of black metal crawl around and latch onto his piercing into his skin and musculature. His body contorts and bulges, this clothing tears as his flesh boils and expands around him, occasionally ejecting a tendril of flesh

Black cackling fire and electricity surround hims as thousands of eyes swarm over his writhing body, shades of yellows and greens transforming in blood red eyes.

In a chorus of a deafening screaming voices, you hear coming from all around you.


When the last hue changes, the eyes halt abruptly and stare with a maddening intensity out at the world in all directions.

Then they slowly turn to you, and their expressions change, and they begin to shut and submerge themselves until only the two that remained were the ones formerly owned by Emperor Thranal Kaltsano Drall Maldoun.

Right. We are doing that. That was the plan we were going with. Well, That works too. Okay, lets do this.

Takes a deep Breath walks over to the disk.

Sense Motive- Doesn’t need to breath, just breaking the tension
Says it as if suddenly remembering it, Something unmistakably somber in his voice

Now, Wherever the Warden’s hid the fount of the world is going to require a lot of power to break into, by my calculation, I figure I know should have just enough, to get you there.

The battle has likely left me weak enough for it, so we might as well give it a try. I have to admit there is a certain irony to either of your weapons, so I have no preference unless you do.

(Picks the opposite)

I have just one request before I take my final bow

, Kneels down to Emma.

I know you are not my Emma, but you are an Emma, and of all the ones I’ve met, you are one that was most like her. If you’d allow it, a very Old Man would like to wish his daughter goodbye.

Whispers “I’ve miss you”

Zarazik, top work, You’ve definitely passed the interview for Head of my Church, and keep up the good work and keep your eye on this bunch when I am gone.

Stands on disk

Barf Portal

Two young elves, male and female and a handful of dwarves working in a black site
Johann give me a will role- Shocked
(Johann is that you? What the hell happened to your arm? Are you Okay? WHat is going on?)
You know these two elves, they were quahir’s friends and mysteriously disappeared when the Dwarf Holds closed 5 years before the experimenent.

We are Amul Eoniers research assistants, we are finishing some studies up here as Amul was called back to Rysa with yesterdays caravan.

Zarazik- You found out later, but you had traveled in the same caravan.

Back to the Beginning-The Dwarven Holds

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