Murder Mystery

Masterwork, Heavy Crossbow, 1D10+1 dmg, 20 bolts, 450gp

Safe (DC20)

Will of Archibald recognizing Grom as his true heir.

Message sphere
“These are dangerous times. In case I should not live until you arrive Mr. Denton to authenticate these documents, I, Archibald Edgar VonQuinton, being of sound mind and body declare that Grom Kosh as my true son and heir, and that the details of the attached is my expressed wishes.”

Elven Documents of Marriage between Archibald Von Quinton and Shak-Ti Kosh

Exploring the GNW
Travelling with Kotec
Meeting, Falling in love with and Marrying Shak-Ti Kosh
Adventuring, living with the orc tribe
Young orc women start disappearing, being found burnt to ash
Investigation, Kotec reveals his purpose was to find and banish this evil
Banishment ritual failed, barely escape clutches of a witch named Cassandrix
Death of Shak-Ti in Childbirth
Return to Whitemarsh
Years of Boredom
Most recent entry:
“I’m worried about Gloria. She’s come back from her first semester at the University, and something’s not right. This is all too famiiar for my liking. I fear the evil we failed to defeat so long ago has finally caught up to me. I’ve asked Kotec to come and help. Perhaps it isn’t too late to save her.”

Eyes of the Eagle

Diamond engagement ring
3350gp in gold and coins

1000gp in bills


Murder Mystery

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